Nails…. Nail… Nail Polish!

I love nail polish. Do you?

Flash Back

Nail polish aka nail varnish. It’s a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernails or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plates. Nail polish originated in China. And it was used back in 3000 BC. The ingredients included beeswax egg whites, gelatine and vegetable dyes and gum Arabic.

In Ancient Egypt, nail polish was even used to signify class ranking. The lower class often wore nude and light colours, while hight society painted their nails red.



Base coat

This type of nail polish is a clear,milky coloured or opaque pink polish formula that is used specifically before applying nail polish to the nail.

The purpose of it is to strengthen nails, restore moisture to the nail, and or help polish adhere to the nail.

Top coat 

This type of nail polish is a clear coloured  polish formula that is used specifically after applying nail polish on the nail.

It forms a hardened barrier for the nail that can prevent chipping,scratching and peeling.



Gel polish is a long lasting variety of nail polish made up of a type of ejaculate polymer. It is painted on the nail similar to the traditional nail polish, but does not dry. Instead it is cured under an ultraviolet lamp or ultraviolet led.

While regular nail polish formulas typically last two to seven days before chipping, gel polish can last upwards of two weeks with proper application and home care.

Matte polish

Matte polish is like regular polish, but has a purposely dull finish rather than a shine. It can be purchased as a regular base coat in ranges of different colours. Matte polish can also be found in a top coat.

Matt top coat is most useful for painting over any dry base colour, giving  it a different appearance.

Definition PinK nails!

Pale Pink

Soft pink nails belongs to someone who is quite or doesn’t want to stand out. Also youthful with out being cutesy.

HOT Pink!

Chic, sexy, bold and playful ….Hot pink is associated with fun and spontaneity. You have to be a confident soul to wear this feminine colour as its bold and eye catching.


Don’t forget to pink u up today!

What does your nail polish say about you?


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